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Tutorial Lectures

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Jorge Martinez
Cleveland, OH

Functional Anatomy of Perisylvian Areas

Stephan Van Gils
Enschede, The Netherlands

Measures for Brain Networks

Lunch break

Marc GoodFellow
Exeter, UK

The role of networks in seizure generation

Esther Krook Magnuson
Minneapolis, MN

Optogenetics: timely illumination of neuronal circuitry

Coffee break

Karl Friston
London, UK

Dynamic causal modelling and canonical microcircuits

Michael Wibral
Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Neural information dynamics in predictive coding – from synapses to systems

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Chalet du Pharo

Thematic sessions


Coffee break

Claudius Gros
Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Short-term synaptic plasticity, attractor relicts and robot motion

Olaf Sporns
Bloomington, IN

Modeling Communication Dynamics in the Brain

Lunch break

Randy Mcintosh
Toronto, ON

Time will tell if your brain is healthy or not

Lionel Naccache
Paris, France

Probing conscious states and conscious contents with measures of brain functional connectivity

Coffee break

Charles Gray
Bozeman, MT

Distributed Cortico-cortical Interactions Underlying Visual Working Memory

Kenneth Knoblauch
Lyon, France

Distance, Weight and Hierarchy: Universal Constraints on Cortical Connectivity

Closing remarks

Conference Dinner

with speech by Patrick Chauvel (Marseille, France)

Fort Ganteaume (departure from Pharo main gate at 19.00, event begins at 19.15) 

Thematic sessions


Martin Hofmann-Apitius
Sankt Augustin, Germany

The Aetionomy Project: Embedding biological mechanisms in the connectome context

Coffee break

Vince Calhoun
Albuquerque, AZ

The chronnectome, signal or noise?

Gregor Thut
Glasgow, UK

Using non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) to interact with network activity and associated functions: Targeting brain oscillations as a promising strategy? 

Lunch break

Pierre Luppi
Lyon, France

Cortical activation during REM sleep and its implication in learning and memory

Ivan Soltesz
Stanford, CA

Spatiotemporal Organization of Hippocampal Circuits

Coffee break

William Stacey
Ann Arbor, MI

Signal detection and synchrony in the noisy brain

Fabrice Bartolomei
Marseille, France

Networks in Epilepsy: a clinical utility?

Closing remarks